Pictures from T&D Summer Finals 2023

Squash Ontario COVID-19 updates.

Please play at a level to suit your squash ability.
All Captains & club Pros should match players in the appropriate division in line with the players abilities. Players playing at a division level lower than their squash playing ability results in one sided matches, and is of no benefit to either player. Furthermore, this does not reflect the true spirit of competitive squash in the T&D.

To all Clubs & Captains ...... the DUNLOP double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the T&D Men's Squash League & must be used in all league matches.

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  1. To ensure he has a full team ready & able to play for each league match
  2. All captains should contact the opposing captain at least 48 hours in advance of the fixture date & discuss all matters pertaining to the match, i.e. club location, starting time, hosting, dress code etc. to generally ensure that the match runs smoothly.
  3. When playing at home, to ensure courts are properly booked & balls provided (see General Rule 5).
  4. Both captains should ensure that all team members arrive before the appointed starting time & prior to the start of the match captains should exchange their teams playing order
  5. Home captain must ensure that matches start on time & arrange for refereeing of all matches. (See Playoff Rules)
  6. Team captains must submit match result via the web site within 24 hours of the match. Failure to report match result within 24 hours by either team will result in that team being assessed a 1 (one) point penalty In Divisions 1,2,3 & Masters & a 3 (three) point penalty in Division 4 which will be deducted from that teams total points. If the match result is not reported within 7 days by either team, 0 (zero) points will be scored to both teams & the match will be recorded as a default to both teams. (See Rule 20)
  7. In the event of the team captain being unable to play, he must appoint another team member to act on his behalf
  8. If his team is in contention for the playoffs, he must ensure the necessary courts are booked
  9. Match cards & scoring sheets are available on this website under RULES & FORMS

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