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Squash Ontario COVID-19 updates.

Please play at a level to suit your squash ability.
All Captains & club Pros should match players in the appropriate division in line with the players abilities. Players playing at a division level lower than their squash playing ability results in one sided matches, and is of no benefit to either player. Furthermore, this does not reflect the true spirit of competitive squash in the T&D.

To all Clubs & Captains ...... the DUNLOP double yellow dot ball is the official ball of the T&D Men's Squash League & must be used in all league matches.

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What is PAR to 11 scoring?
PAR stands for Point-A-Rally. So, PAR to 11 scoring means that every rally scores a point (i.e. irrespective of who served) and the game ends when the winner gets 11 points. In the "old" international scoring, a point is only awarded to the server if the server of the rally wins. The game ends when the winner gets 9 points. To complicate matters and keep you concentrating, there are exceptions to both scoring systems when the game is a close one e.g. in international scoring it is possible to play to more than 9 if the score gets to 8-8 ... but that is another question.

How are the points awarded?
Every individual match carries a point. So, if Team A wins 3 matches to Team B's 2 matches, Team A would be awarded 3 points and Team B would get 2 points. In the summer there is also a bonus point for the winning team - see the Rules under Admin for further details on this bonus point.

What are penalty points?
There is one penalty point for failing to report the match result within 24 hours.

What are "Divisions"?
Divisions are groups of teams that have a similar level of on-court skills. The strongest Division is Division 1 and then come Divsions 2 and 3. There are also Masters Divisions and a Division 4.

How does the league work?
Clubs in the district submit teams of four or five players per team. Teams are grouped into Divisions based on strength of play and then into Leagues based on geographical location. Teams play against other teams in their league twice every season (once at home and once away). At the end of the season, the teams with the most points in their league go through to the Divisional Playoffs and play the leading teams from other leagues within their Division. The Divisional Playoffs are tournament based (must win to advance).

How do I get to play in a League?
You have to join one of the clubs (see General Rule 19) in the league (see address list in the menu above) and request to join the T&D League.

What does it cost to play?
The club normally pays the entry fee and may charge you a fee to play. In addition, it is customary for host teams to provide a light dinner to visitors. Your club may require you to contribute to the dinner pool fund (say $10 to $20 per match you play)

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