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T&D Women's League Summer 2017

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Standings and Match Cards
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C/D League
Matches Won
Matches Lost
Games Won
May 16
May 23
May 30
Jun 6
Jun 13
Jun 20
Jun 27
Jul 4
Jul 11
Jul 18
Jul 25
Mayfair Lakeshore26 6 810912Bye12789121276
B and R23 9 7305Bye9981212990 
Goodlife Dunfield22 10 72010612121110512Bye1211
Mayfair Parkway18 14 640127448611Bye126 
Pickering18 14 5805912964Bye49  
Executive S&F17 15 5709121063Bye1205  
Balmy Beach12 20 440Bye952912304  
Club Meadowvale8 24 300351Bye303123  
One Health0 32 1102211Bye2201  

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