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Division 4 - Standings and Match Cards
Team Wins
Points Won
Points Lost
May 1
May 8
May 15
May 22
May 29
Jun 5
Jun 12
Jun 19
Jun 26
Jul 10
Jul 17
Jul 24
Jul 31
Aug 7
Aug 14
Aug 21
Georgetown Racquet Club 130181 921412156131212126151115Bye131411
Mississauga Community Centres 1 100169 8915141513713150Bye15814415156
Richmond Hill 70126 13815401171016Bye61312157127
Headwaters 70122 141615143126313Bye3331514111
Parkway Athletic Club 50116 1522838155551011124Bye5815
Goodlife Parkview 3075 17712015061515Bye0850152

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