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ENTRY FORM: Summer Season - Division A/B and C/D
Summer League for Players in Division A/B and C/D Starts the week of May 30th until end of July/early August.
Registration deadline is Friday May 20, 2022. This will allow TDWSA to review players and determine levels for Summer league play and iron out how it will be run. Information will be provided to team/players the following week.
Registration: Please complete 1 entry form per individual. The entry fee is $20 per player for this session.
The night for each division is subject to change but is currently as follows:
A/B - Wednesday
C/D - Thursday
All clubs hosting teams in T&D Squash Leagues must be in good standing of Squash Ontario. This ensures that the league can provide insurance to participating clubs and players and enables teams to take advantage of the Squash Ontario ball agreement.