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These fine clubs use SQUASHNUT for league management and more...

What is Squashnut? is web software designed to help the club pro manage the clubs players, organise and manage the houseleagues, organise and manage inter-club leagues such as T&D in Toronto. All players have all the information they need at their fingertips making the captain's job of communicating and organising a snap. No more arriving at the wrong club or confusion about who is playing that match. Squashnut was designed and developed by a squash player for squash players and squash clubs.

Inter-league Features

  • Easy to maintain schedules for each team entered in league
  • Multiple teams per division e.g. A1, A2, A3,B1,B2,C1,D1,D2,D3 (Men and Women)
  • Inter-league club information for all clubs in the league including links to google maps
  • Score Tracking of every inter-league match
  • Statistics on each player with unlimited history
  • Automatic generation of scorecard (PDF format) that can be emailed to inter-league coordinator
  • Players update their availability on-line based on the published schedule
  • Captains use the player availability to decide who is playing when and publish on website in seconds
  • Each captain has privileges to maintain their own team and change their rankings within the team
  • Track record of all inter-league matches played against opposing players and clubs. This in turn gives the opportunity to review all matches played against any opposing club player over the years.
  • Facility for players to comment on their individual matches against their opponents
  • Dinner Menu
  • Facility for captain's to upload a Finance Spreadsheet so that players know where the team stands
  • Security and Maintenance features

  • Secure sign on that allows member access only for your club. Access is restricted by user name and password
  • Club members maintain their own email address and contact information so that administrator has less to do
  • Forget password feature that emails password to club member instead of bothering the club administrator
  • Change password feature that emails password to club member instead of bothering the club administrator
  • Feature to expire passwords so as to force a password change
  • Box Ladder Features

  • Box Ladder (5 players per box - unlimited boxes)
  • Automatically schedules matches by week for every player in ladder
  • Each player submits ladder score on-line through site. Opposing player has opportunity to "Accept" or "Reject" submitted score
  • Ladder points added as soon as score submitted
  • Email automatically sent to player submitting score and to the opponent who will confirm the score
  • Administrator feature to change players at the end of each box ladder cycle. (Very easy and quick)
  • Administrator feature to add new players to ladder or to remove players exiting ladder
  • Other features

  • Court Booking System
  • Bulletin board that allows players to arrange casual games, ladder games or whatever they would like to say
  • Forum that allows members to create new topics of their choosing. Other members can respond under the same thread so messages common to a topic are grouped together
  • Email facility that sends an email from squashnut to all players in club, any player in club, specific inter-league teams, box ladder players or any subset of players
  • Players can maintain a profile with their personal preferences such as racquets, shoes, strings, tips for other players etc.

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