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Division 3 - Standings and Match Cards
Team Wins
Points Won
Points Lost
Oct 19
Oct 26
Nov 2
Nov 9
Nov 16
Nov 23
Nov 30
Dec 7
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 15
Feb 22
Mar 1
Mar 8
Mar 15
Mar 22
Mar 29
Apr 6
Richmond Hill 10045 155544Bye5334Bye2514March BreakBye52
Pickering 9042 18Bye4114Bye5254Bye344March Break543
Master Fitness and Squash 4025 3541Bye1540Bye1102Bye1March Break51 
Mayfair Lakeshore 4019 410Bye3400Bye2043Bye21March Break00 
Balmy Beach 3019 41102Bye1123Bye1503ByeMarch Break0  

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