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Division 3 - Standings and Match Cards
Team Wins
Points Won
Points Lost
Oct 18
Oct 25
Nov 1
Nov 8
Nov 15
Nov 22
Nov 29
Dec 6
Jan 10
Jan 17
Jan 24
Jan 31
Feb 7
Feb 14
Master Fitness and Squash 11049 11442535Bye455453Bye
Richmond Hill 7035 2524512Bye344550Bye0
Toronto Racquet Club 7034 261Bye034521Bye43245
Batts Athletics 7030 30513Bye140510Bye334
Parkway Athletic Club 5027 3331Bye241410Bye2423
Aurora Family Leisure Complex 4025 35Bye354105Bye210121
West End YMCA 1010 500200Bye010301Bye12

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