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Division 2-1 - Standings and Match Cards
Team Wins
Points Won
Points Lost
May 4
May 11
May 18
May 25
Jun 1
Jun 8
Jun 15
Jun 22
Jul 13
Jul 20
Jul 27
Aug 3
Aug 10
Aug 17
Squashabout at Dunfield 9038 22Bye244345Bye403342
Toronto Cricket Club 7036 245Bye104224Bye53145
Parkway Athletic Club 6035 2514Bye522414Bye2244
Richmond Hill 7031 2941313Bye344125Bye0
Metro YMCA 6030 304321Bye314145Bye11
LA Fitness - Don Mills 6027 33145Bye130113Bye413
Mayfair Parkway 1013 47010421Bye112001Bye

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