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T&D Women's League Summer 2019

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Please NOTE that B&R - A Division home matches are played on Wednesday evening
Also NOTE that GL Dunfield - B Division home matches are played on Thursday evening

Standings and Match Cards
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C/D League
Matches Won
Matches Lost
Games Won
May 21
May 22
May 28
Jun 4
Jun 11
Jun 12
Jun 18
Jun 25
Jul 2
Jul 3
Jul 9
Jul 16
Jul 23
Jul 24
Jul 30
Aug 6
Aug 13
Aug 20
Life Time Athletic31 9 100011Bye121112Bye10Bye12Bye1196Bye61090
Metro YMCA28 12 9406Bye91210ByeBye812Bye1098Bye1012512
Executive S&F28 12 930ByeBye121112Bye37Bye510912Bye12121212
Mayfair Lakeshore24 16 790Bye91253Bye12123Bye612ByeBye5784
Pickering22 18 8408Bye29ByeBye101112Bye75Bye1196  
Mayfair Parkway18 22 6309ByeBye29Bye760Bye7110Bye120  
Georgetown Racquet Club18 22 6307Bye33Bye12106ByeBye327Bye100  
Goodlife McCaul16 24 6105Bye940Bye7410Bye7411ByeBye   
One Health 116 24 61012Bye7Bye3Bye1210Bye1077Bye24  
ORC13 27 500Bye6410Bye1210Bye11Bye3Bye30   
One Health 26 34 2902Bye353Bye030Bye5Bye3Bye5   

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