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2017/18 Women's C Division Playoffs

  March 27
April 3
April 11
Mayfair Lakeshore
  Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final Champion & 3rd Place
1 RCYC (home)      
  v. B&R    
8 Badminton & Racquet      
    v. Exec S&F  
      at Mayfair Lakeshore  
5 Pickering      
  v. Exec S&F (home)    
4 Exec S&F (home)      
      v. Exec S&F
3 Dunfield (home)      
  v. Dunfield    
6 ORC2      
    v. Dunfield  
      at Mayfair Lakeshore  
7 Toronto Cricket   3rd  
        not being played
  v. ORC1 (home)    
2 ORC1 (home)